In 1917 a man by the name of Israel Rotblott started a scrap metal business. By horse and carriage, Israel would make pick-ups around the streets of Toronto. His success in business allowed him to take over some land on what is now known as McCaul Street. From there he grew a flourishing business and passed on the opportunity to his sons Murray and Mike Rotblott. In the 1950s, they decided to move to Bathurst and Front Streets. Today, Israel's grandson Howard still operates Rotblott & Sons scrap metal yard and machinery.

Howard's son Andrew and brother Bradley started the discount warehouse back in 1990, on the same Bathurst & Front property. Through four generations of Rotblotts one of the most encouraging tributes to the business is the commitment to the same quality, service, and hard work that Israel put forth. All of our customers can continue to expect the same high quality service that our historic family operated business was built on.


Howard Rotblott now solely runs Rotblott & Sons Ltd. Machinery, Scrap Metal, and Plant Dismantling. His son Andrew presides over Rotblott's Discount Warehouse Inc., where Toronto finds the very best in amazing prices and quality goods.

Andrew's operation specializes in buying and selling overstocks, clearance merchandise, surplus goods, hardware, and housewares. Most recently included in the Rotblott's family business is the film expendables department, specializing in all of the production supplies for set dressers, production designers, and production assistants.

Rotblott's has hardware, specialty items and tons of other neat stuff. It's a slice of Toronto history, and fun too.


Rotblott's will continue to provide excellent service for artists, tradesmen, film types, carpenters, electricians, painters, and plumbers. We will continue to expand the products and services offered to meet the ever-growing requirements of our customers. The future is bright at Rotblott's. See you soon!